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TEXAS NEIGHBORS | FALL 2015 Animal welfare drives Texas ranches By Julie Tomascik Associate Editor A ranching tradition WWW.TEXASFARMBUREAU.ORG

A Ranching Tradition

Julie Tomascik

Animal welfare drives Texas ranches

Ranchers and their cattle.

They’re legendary in the Lone Star State. A symbol of the past, present and future. Of families making a living from the land.

With cowboys sitting tall in the saddle, hats shading their faces and a watchful eye on the herd. They share in traditions. Like providing proper care to raise healthy livestock efficiently.

It’s one Donnell Brown’s family has carried on for six generations in Throckmorton.

“Taking care of our animals is of the utmost importance to us in the ranching business,” he said. “We want to make sure these animals do have the best care and that’s in our best interest, as well as the best interest of our customers.”

That care means vaccinations, easy-handling and quick treatment when cattle are sick. Abundant food, water and shelter. No matter the weather.

“Cowboys work hard. Cowboys work long hours in all kinds of weather,” Brown said. “But we do it because we love it. There’s a passion about being a steward and caring for another living being and making sure we take care of them to the best of our ability.”

A passion that has stood the test of time. Enduring storms, drought and wildfires. Caring for livestock through it all.

Feeding hay when grasses run out in the summer. Breaking ice in water troughs and tanks in the winter. Ready to assist a new momma cow with her calf.

It becomes second nature for ranching families like the Browns.

And where black and red cattle dot their West Texas pastures, different breeds and production methods are found across the state and nation.

Because the ways we raise cattle in the Lone Star State are as diverse as Texas itself. Grass-fed, grain-fed, cow-calf, stocker, purebred operations— all play a unique role in providing a safe, nutritious product.

And all ranch with animal welfare at the forefront.

“Ranchers and consumers do want the same thing and that’s having the best animal care,” Brown said. “And what we find is when we care best for the animal, it’s best for everyone.”

A pride, passion and connection with the land. A time-honored tradition. A true testament to commitment and integrity. That’s Texas ranchers.

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